Why do you add colors to some of your foods and beverages?

We use colors for a variety of reasons that vary product to product. For example, in some products we use colors to offset the natural color loss that occurs from exposure to light, air, temperature extremes, and storage conditions. In other products, we use colors to correct natural variations in the color of our ingredients or simply to make our products more appealing or fun.

Are colors safe?

Like all of the ingredients in our products, the colors we use are fully approved for use in foods by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). FDA has also concluded that the science does not show a link between food dyes and hyperactivity in children and that there is no reason to restrict the use of colors in food or beverages or add warning labels about them.

What about caramel coloring - is it safe?

Regulatory agencies including the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) have approved caramel coloring as safe for use in foods and beverages. Some recent concerns that have been raised about caramel coloring are based on a single study in which mice were given amounts equivalent to humans consuming 2,900 cans of cola every day for a lifetime. This study did not involve humans and is of little to no relevance given these extreme doses.

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