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Product Name

Total Fat G (%DV)
Saturated Fat G (%DV)
Trans Fat MG
Cholesterol MG (%DV)
Sodium MG (%DV)
Dietary Fiber G
Total Sugars (G)
Added Sugars G (%DV)
Protein G (%DV)
Calcium %DV
Iron %DV
Potassium MG (%DV)
Vitamin A %DV
Vitamin C %DV
Vitamin D %DV
Vitamin E %DV
Thiamine %DV
Riboflavin %DV
Niacin %DV
Vitamin B6 %DV
Vitamin B12 %DV
Pantothenic Acid %DV
Phosphorus MG (%DV)
Zinc MG (%DV)
% Juice
Caffeine (MG)
Sweeteners Ingredients
Values are shown on a per serving basis. "-" indicates that the value is not available. Information may differ from package labels due to label transitions in the marketplace. All products and sizes are not available in all markets.